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Will Mayweather and Ortiz is Gay Fight?

Just analyze this upcoming fight of floyd and victor if this could be a gay fight? hahaha since I believe that Floyd Gayweather is such a coward in boxing.


Gay Boxing! :)
Maybe one of these lady-like boxers will be the likes of Manny Pacquio someday. hehehe
BTW the round-boys are cute. haha :)
Nice picture again Sidney!


A new sport: Gay Boxing.


Never heard of this before, interesting! Great shots!

luna miranda

gay boxing--this is the first time i've heard about it. it should be fun to watch.:p

i've seen something on TV about a Thai trans-gender who was also into kick boxing.


LOL.. This is the fist time I heard this kind of boxing :) Next it might be gay wrestling !


How fascinating.

We watched "Milk" last night, and in that context this is even more intriguing.


I never heard of gay boxing before and this is surely interesting. I'm looking forward to this series. I used to have lots of gay friends in the Philippines (to my husband's dismay), they're fun to hang out with.:)

Wonderful black and white photos.


Man, you can really find the stories !! good job! never heard of it, can't wait for more


Great set . Full of atmosphere ! Great group portraits too .


nice set again, love the 4th pic :)


this is one of your most interesting stories and reports
i didn't know anything about this


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Yes.... it is Amay Bisaya...a funny man... I guess he was there for his entertainment value :-)

dodong flores

I've heard of this long time but only saw this on television last Saturday, having been featured in GMA7's Kapuso mo Jessica Soho. The event is being held in Nueva Ecija.
The second time I see it is here now. Nice photos, Sidney...

fortuitous faery

honest to God, i didn't know this existed!

that guy in the last photo looks familiar...a comedian...named "amay bisaya?" :P

Photo Cache

Oh gawd! that is something, you may be right, only in the philippines.


Never heard of gay boxing before! How do they box? Slap each other with their gloves LOL. Just kidding.


çà promet !
J'attends la suite du reportage avec intérêt.


Never heard of that!

Your explanation is interesting. I had heard that gays are also often considered a third gender in Thailand.

Charles Dastodd

heh, great captures! i love their expressions :)


yikes.. even if they're effeminate, if they're trained well, they would still pack a punch.. :D


honestly, this is the first time i've known that there is gay boxing in this country. i've heard of gays and lesbos fighting for basketball during fiestas and they are a hilarious sight.

but gay boxing? i thought it was only in thailand. but gay boxing in thailand is a serious matter and not for the laughs.

Otto K.

ah, another wonderful series about to begin. that guy's expression in the last image is great. :)


you never fail to be amusing!
i think that's amay bisaya on the last photo; i wonder why he's into gay

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